We're not your traditional financial adviser. That’s by design—we do things differently here.


ANCHORY's mission is to provide our clients with financial guidance and coaching throughout all stages in their lives to empower them to make the right decisions at the right time. Providing comprehensive financial services, we have been serving affluent and active-lifestyle families in the United States for years.

Based in Southlake, Texas, ANCHORY was established with a vision to build true client relationships - we won’t just coach you from afar but rather we’ll walk beside you every step of the way. Our goal is to be your most trusted financial advisor.

COre Values

At ANCHORY, we stay true to our core values, mission, and vision so you can benefit from our commitment to you to:

Prep diligently
Execute with focus
Always Improve

Investment Philosophy

Our mission is to lift the veil of mystery from the investment process, to educate and empower your decision making.

Think of a weatherperson who constantly measures changes in barometric pressure to predict evolving weather patterns. What if you could more accurately forecast future market returns? Think of financial markets as the weather, and your asset allocation as the clothes you wear. An intelligent portfolio constructed around what the market is going to do in the future is like knowing it’s supposed to rain and grabbing your umbrella before you head out the door.

In both portfolio construction and weather-related attire, nobody likes surprises. After we determine what we believe will accomplish your financial game plan, we then look at how to best position you based on the current market atmosphere and its future changes. To simplify the complex, we use 3 components to ensure your portfolio has the right gear on to perform in the current market conditions:

Behavioral Psychology

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Meet Our Founder

Niels Buksik is the Founder and CEO of ANCHORY. After spending several years with some of the biggest financial institutions and seeing how they care more about their bottom line than doing what's right for their clients, he decided to start ANCHORY.

As an avid and accomplished athlete, Niels believes in the importance of having an effective game plan which lays at the foundation of ANCHORY's process. However, he notes that having a good game plan alone means nothing without great execution and that is where a lot of financial advisors fall short of their promises.

Not at ANCHORY, here we not only help you put together an effective financial game plan, but we empower you to execute on it to fulfill you and your family's financial goals and aspirations. We use the principles and values of world-class athletes to help you plan and play the financial game in front of you.

Niels and his wife Rabea reside in Texas with their child and their three dogs. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis and golf, as well as drinking wine with a great group of friends.

A Carefully Crafted Game plan is half the battle

"There is no magic formula to financial success. It is based on having a process that adapts to your current & future financial situation and the ever-changing conditions in the financial markets"

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A successful financial game plan relies heavily on good offense and defense. Find out how our process rests squarely on the foundation of analyzing the dynamic history of markets, math, and behavioral psychology. See how it can make a difference in your financial life.

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