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The ANCHORY Difference

Look, life is complicated enough, we are here to make yours easier!

Just because everything is constantly changing, doesn’t mean that money has to be complicated. We'll make sure that any changes in life or market conditions don’t throw you off your financial game.

Our process considers the money that you need now, the money that you need for later, and the money that you would like to leave for others; and incorporates maximum flexibility and responsiveness to be able to handle anything that life or the market keeps throwing at us.

So, let's build your own ANCHORY financial game plan.

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The ANCHORY Difference


Prep Diligently

The first step in preparing is to be prepared. The wise man knows that he can't do anything without a plan, and the same goes for your finances!

Execute with Focus

You can't get ahead if you're not in the game! Execute your game plan with focus and determination. 

Always Adjust & Improve

We’re constantly testing and adjusting your financial game plan to produce measurable outcomes that you can see and feel.


Our Founder

Niels Buksik

Niels Buksik


Niels Buksik is the Founder and CEO of ANCHORY. After spending several years with some of the biggest financial institutions and seeing how they care more about their bottom line than doing what's right for their clients, he decided to start ANCHORY. Niels and his wife Rabea reside in Texas with their child and their three dogs. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis and golf, doing CrossFit, as well as drinking wine with a great group of friends.


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